Monday, 4 May 2015

Whats in my hospital bag?

All this exciting news about the Royal Baby, I wonder what she had in her hospital bag? Here's what I've packed. Please let me know in the comments if you think I've missed anything??

Just seems sensible:
  • Lip balm
  • water & snacks
  • drinking straws
  • bikini top for birthing pool?
  • waterproof headphones?
  • phone & charger
  • Tens machine
  • camera
  • change for the car park
In case I need to stay in:
  • dressing gown
  • PJs (nursing friendly)
  • clean clothes to leave in
  • spare undies
  • flipflops
  • toohbrush & paste
  • Dry shampoo & comb
  • Deodorant
  • face wipes & face cloth 

For the baby:
  • baby wipes
  • cotton wool
  • nappies (approx 10)
  • baby body suits x2
  • baby sleep suits x2
  • little hat & tiny socks
  • baby blanket
  • muslin squares x3
  • changing mat
  • car seat installed

Recommended by the Midwife:
  • Medical notes - most important ;)
  • Jelly Babies (to keep up energy during labour)
  • lucozade sport (non-fizzy)
  • Maternity pads & disposable undies
  • Breastpads, cream & nursing bras

Other lists:
This seems like a useful resource from mother care

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  1. Great post, you'll also need maternity pads and the pads to go inside your bra, and a nursing bra, I'm not big chested but found it incredibly uncomfortable to sleep without one on after I had my babies, and good luck for the birth. #mummymonday
    Lupin Girl x

  2. Great list, I am currently writing mine! lip balm is definitely a must have, the hospitals are so dry. I also pack dry shampoo and a water spray for my face. #maternitymondays

  3. You Baby Me Mummy4 May 2015 at 20:30

    I drank a fair bit of lucozade, but the best thing we had was a wet flannel for my head! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  4. leave the cotton wool. that first baby poo just does not wipe with that stuff and it sticks to their bottoms!! I didn't take wipes with #1 just cotton wool. Needless to say, I only took wipes with #2 but I did buy those first touch ones. Great list. #MaternityMondays

  5. thanks Emma, thats a great tip. I have both just in case.

  6. hmmm water spray, thats not a bad idea. thx :)

  7. I really appreciated my brand new super cosy slippers. It's hard enough walking, so walking on nice cushiony slippers is lovely. I also took two clean sets of clothes and used them both, due to sick and wee on the first set! I was really glad I could go home clean! :) x #MummyMonday

  8. thats a good idea, my husband also wants a set of his in the car in case of a wee/sick issue lol. My flip-flops are quite cushioned so they should be ok :) thanks for the comment :)