Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Snot Rocket

Ewwww... when you have no frame of reference for having a baby its easy to be grossed out by many things about pregnancy and birth but it seems that the fun just doesn't stop coming once the Little One is here. It never occurred to me that a baby's nose couldn't be wiped like a normal person (not something I'd even considered) until Mike announced we had to get a 'snot rocket'. Nice. So we bought this one from Amazon:
They nicely call it a nasal aspirator. Suffice it to say it's more gross than imagined, and if you get icked out easily I'd stop reading now. Its essentially a little tube where you put one end into the babies nose and the other end in your mouth to suck out the contents ... blerg! There is a little filter in the middle so nothing gets transferred but still. It takes a lot of puff and still makes you feel rather ill.

After a few goes of this we knew there must be something else. We searched out and bought this one...

the Vital Baby Nurture Nasal Decongester. So much better, it just sucks out the contents when you squeeze the bottom and its easy to clean. I was speaking to some of the ladies in a baby group the other day and they were still using the sucky one above hence the reason for this post :) And to all the people without children out there - be glad you don't need a snot rocket!