Saturday, 9 January 2016

Happy Caturday

An old picture of our little darlings being nice and peaceful (which they are not right now while the
baby is trying to sleep).

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Currently... January 2016

Linking up with Jenna and Anne for what I am "Currently..." doing.

Its the new year, Yay! :) I have only two months left off for maternity leave - boo! That flew by. Currently I'm....

{resolving}  to, errr, well I haven't actually made any new years resolutions. This year I'd like to sort out my finances (so we can continue to afford to eat) and open the little one a bank account. I'd like to take more decent pictures of her too, here's my 2015 roundup. I'd like to be able to get through my new degree course without impacting my family time (once I go back to work this will be trickier).

{reading}  'A World History of Art' for my new OCA course. Its very interesting so far but I have so little time to complete it in, less than 2 years left to do two modules (the last one took me two years to do one)!

{organising}  the Christmas decorations back into their boxes and into the loft. I had this idea to buy a bunch of clear plastic boxes to organise the loft with but have yet to actually do this. Its a great idea because then I'd know what was in all those boxes. Do you know exactly what's in your loft? No I thought not. In the mean time I'll settle for covering some nappy boxes in xmas paper so its obvious which boxes are the decorations next year.

{loving}  spending time with my beautiful daughter (and lovely husband). It was her first Christmas and although she didn't really understand, I think she liked the lights and definitely the presents (soon got the hang on unwrapping and even helped me with some of mine). She's sick this week, nasty cold isn't the best way to start the new year thou :(

{craving}  more time off. I'm slightly regretting not taking the full 12 months maternity leave but I didn't think I could afford to not go back to work once the maternity leave pay stopped (after 9 months). I've got until end of Feb but it doesn't feel long enough now its almost here.

What are you currently doing?