Name: Suzy Walker-Toye
Husband: Mike
Cats: Dallas & Leeloo

I am from London, UK. Happily Married and now pregnant.

For those of you who follow my underwater photography blog, you may know that now I'm expecting a baby I figured I'd need a little extra space on the internet for my baby and cat photos which don't really fit on the other blog! So here it is... my new space. I hope you like it. I'm hoping this blog will be more 'lifestyle'. I'll probably post more random stuff here, reviews (and not just about camera & underwater gear but baby related and other gadgets), personal photos, links to cool things I find interesting on the net, money making/saving tips (I'm going to be so skint during maternity leave) and blogging (as I get familiar with blogger rather than wordpress).  I expect that even my lovely husband will make an appearance now and then with his two-penith.

I'm into photography, I'm now Mirrorless with the Olympus OMD EM5 (& Nauticam housing for diving) but shamefully lots of the day to day photos on this blog are taken my with Sony Xperia Z3 phone.

If you are more interested in fishes and all things oceany then with my other my blog posts & photographs I like to raise people’s awareness of the beauty of life in the ocean before it is too late and all that life no longer thrives. I’ve been taking photographs under the sea since 2003, but not in cold British waters, brrr.

Why Chocolate Milk for Breakfast?

Well, its the only thing the stopped the morning sickness! Besides, who wouldn't want chocolate milk for breakfast :)

Anything else? If you have any questions or want to get in contact with me please leave a comment with your email address and I'll get back to you. Or if you prefer to send a message directly to my email you can use my contact form here: http://suzywalker.wordpress.com/contact/

To get back to my photo galleries click here: www.reefbeasties.com

All photos posted to this blog are copyrighted to Suzy Walker-Toye unless otherwise stated.

You can follow me on twitter here: http://twitter.com/scuba_suzy where I tweet about photography, oceans, baby stuff etc.

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