Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Currently.... vol12

Linking up with Jenna and Anne for what I am "Currently..." doing. This is vol 12 (April), only the 2nd one for me though.

Currently I'm....

{exploring} my options when it comes to making a little money on the side. Its surprisingly difficult to make money with no effort required! Although TheMoneyShed is a good place to start.

{wish listing} my upcoming birthday presents ;) Although my list only consists of a cake from my Husband so far. I look forward to his choccy cake all year :-p

{wearing} massive maternity clothes and awesome new sneakers that my husband chose for me.

{sipping} chocolate milk - what else?? I like Morrisons own brand because its tasty without being too rich (so I can drink a lot and get all the calcium goodness).

{writing} blog posts. I've been a bit slack actually I'm supposed to be writing up my study visit to Guy Bourdin's 'Image Maker' Exhibition over on my OCA blog

What are you currently doing?


  1. I'm with you on the maternity clothes! How impressive that your husband can pick out shoes that you like! My husband has pretty good taste in most things, but I have no idea what he'd come up with if he ever tried to pick out shoes for me! Also, now I'm going to be thinking about birthday cake for the next several hours… :)

  2. Happy almost birthday! I request a chocolate cake every year from my dad :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. thanks. I enjoy these posts even though this one was a little short lol. Thanks for hosting.

  4. yep, he's pretty awesome at everything but don't tell him I said that! :) Thanks for commenting.

  5. Awww thanks Tara. I still buzz out when I think about it too! almost there now. Not sure when I'll be back diving though. I've heard this baby lark is quite time consuming ;)