Sunday, 15 February 2015

Welcome to my new blog


Hi. I'm Suzy. Scuba_Suzy on twitter.

For those of you who follow my underwater photography blog, you may know that I'm now expecting a baby. 28 weeks now. I figured I'd need a little extra space on the internet for my baby and cat photos which don't really fit on the other blog! So here it is... my new space. I hope you like it. I'm hoping this blog will be more 'lifestyle'. I'll probably post more random stuff here, reviews (and not just about camera & underwater gear but baby related and other gadgets), personal photos, links to cool things I find interesting on the net, money making tips (I'm going to be so stint during maternity leave).  I expect that even my lovely husband will make an appearance now and then with his two-penith.

Why Chocolate Milk for Breakfast?

Well, its the only thing the stopped the morning sickness! Besides, who wouldn't want chocolate milk for breakfast :)

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