Thursday, 3 December 2015



Linking up with Jenna and Anne for what I am "Currently..." doing.

Currently I'm....

{wishing}  that I was more organised. Christmas is creeping up on me and I've done nothing this year. Also, these 'currently' prompt words always make me feel so disorganised and rubbish, can't cook or sew or anything else really :-/ Does anyone else feel like this? So perhaps also 'wishing' we had some less 1950s-housewife words to play with? :)

{remembering}  so many great trips! I've been doing a #100YrDiary project, where you fill out 10 pages per year (a double page spread per season plus a highlights and yearly photo spread). Its really nice to revisit the photos of so many of our interesting trips (which I've posted about them on my other blog over the years). It does also mean I'm realising how lax my photo backup organisation has gotten! I have 36 years worth to go back and fill in so some fun to come :) Also, starting one off for my daughter.

{wrapping}  my brain around google analytics, boy thats complicated!

{baking}  absolutely nothing, I cannot cook at all :( I am however percolating some blog post ideas if that counts.

{decorating}  hopefully the tree this weekend if we get around to finding it in the loft.

What are you currently doing?

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