Sunday, 13 December 2015

Santa's Little Helper Redux

I had another go at photographing the little one with the lights (actually used different lights which I was happier for her to get hear her mouth).

I think this time was more successful with the white seamless. The two lights at the back are much closer to the paper (so appear brighter without Mike having to process for me in PS). The downside to this is, because I'm using desk lamps instead of proper (read expensive) studio equipment, they intrude into the frame and the photo needed to be cropped right down in Lightroom. See the original photo unprocessed below. So two lamps at the back and two lamps at the front but quite far away from her. I thought I'd need to use a diffuser on the fore lamps but the light didn't seem too harsh as is. Also, it was a brighter day than when I first tried so the ambient light in the room was higher which I think also helped.

What do you think? Do you have any tips for photographing babies? Please leave a comment below.

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